FATELAND is a project of mine meant to be an Elseworld´s series.
Imagine how the world would be if the outcome of WW II was different. If some of the heroes of the JSA were German and not Americans. What would be the American response to this situation and what repercussions it would have for the future generations?
This story takes place in three different times, 1945, 1992 and 2015.
Watch the birth of a great nation and its dawn.
Watch the events of FATELAND
During the time that Adolf Hitler begun his political career, an old friend of his discovered Nabu´s artifacts in Egypt and became Dr. Schicksal, a knight of Order. With his help, Hitler became German’s Führer and started his campaign to conquer Europe. But Dr. Schicksal had other plans; he wanted to prevent the beginning of the Chaos Era. Knowing that one being could stop him, he started building his own army, an army of super beings. He found the soul of his former prince, Khufu, in a German teacher, and awakened it. People say that he actually killed the German teacher to put the soul of Khufu in his body. The awakened prince used his Thanagarian knowledge to craft wings for him and became Schwazer Falke. Dr. Schicksal took the Star Heart, shaped it into a sword and gave it to a young German pilot. With the green sword and his great will power, the German pilot created an energy armor to protect him. He was known as Smaragdritter. Dr. Schicksal forged an alliance with the Queen of Themiscyra, Hypolita who was known in the “world of men” as Krieger Königin. With his army, he sought and imprisoned the only being that could stop his plans, the being known as The Wrath of God.

After imprisoning the wrath of God, Dr. Schicksal´s army helped the Germans in the conquest of Europe.

Even imprisoned, The Wrath of God managed to contact Dr. Occult and explained the situation to him. Dr. Occult then created the Guardians of Magic, to follow The Wrath’s instructions and also managed to contact a small group of mystery-men to form an alliance never seen before, the Justice League. The Wrath revealed to them that the three super beings were only the first ones and that, in a castle in Germany, Schwazer Falke had scientists trying to create new weapons and to develop super powers for the German army.

The Justice League decided to strike. Their plan was simple. The Guardians of Magic would try to stop Dr. Schicksal and Smaragdritter, while the JLA members would engage Schwazer Falke and his elite soldiers, the Falkenmänner. During the attack, Dr. Mid-Nite and Mr. Terrific should locate the scientists and stop them at any cost.

The attack begun, but the JLA didn’t expect the presence of Krieger Königin in the castle. The battle was fierce and the JLA was almost defeated when the tide of events changed. Prof. Mannheimer was tired of being humiliated by Dr. Kaufmann and Schwazer Falke, so he decided to fight along side the JLA; he swallowed his Miraclo Pill and became a power machine driven by rage against Schwazer Falke. At first, Prof. Goldstein was unsure what to do, but decided to help the JLA as well; he grabbed his cosmic rod and fought against Krieger Königin. Prof. Kaufmann, the only German scientist helped the Nazis with his new found super speed.

Dr. Occult and Sargon fought Dr. Schicksal while Zatara and Johnny Thunder fought Smaragdritter. Prof. Mannheimer engaged Schwazer Falke and the rest of the JLA fought the Falkenmänner that were almost down for the count when Prof. Kaufmann intervened. Prof. Kaufmann was defeating the JLA when Mr. Terrific decided to try a desperate measure, and, by accident, he killed the Nazi scientist.

Wild Cat and Dr. Mid-Nite armed bombs to explode the labs.

The Thunderbolt defeated Smaragdritter and after that, Prof. Goldstein defeated Krieger Königin. The American heroes turned to face Dr. Schicksal, that had just killed Sargon, but with the defeat of his allies and the explosion of the labs, Dr. Schicksal and Schwazer Falke decided to withdraw.

Upon the return of the JLA to the U.S., they were invited to work for the government as a special unit to deal with the threat of the German metahumans. Hitler decided not to invade other countries besides the already conquered Europe, and the U.S. decided not to fight the Germans, not knowing what consequences a war between two groups of metahumans could have on the American society.